Complete Exhaust

Extreme Exhaust and Radiator is a full service exhaust shop, and can help with all of your exhaust needs. We specialize in performance exhaust installations and modifications. From our full line of Flowmaster and Magnaflow mufflers along with other brands, we can give your ride a new sound. Let us replace those old cast exhaust manifolds with sleek looking exhaust headers that will really boost your engine's performance. We install high flow catalytic convertors, or we can replace the old worn out ones that may be leaking. If you are going offroad or to the track, we can install cutouts to bypass your mufflers and really open up your exhaust. Also check out our selection of exhaust tips to restyle the look of your ride.

Radiator Service

Extreme Exhaust and Radiator offers full radiator service. We can test your cooling system including your radiator, and give you an honest assessment. Our radiator cleaning service can clear blocked passage ways in your radiator, and restore its ability to cool your engine. We can repair small pin holes, or completely replace the core in your damaged radiator. If your old radiator cannot be saved, we have a full line of new radiators. We also do cooling system flushes, and can replace your old worn out radiator hoses.


We can also take care of your brakes. Disc and drum brakes are welcome. Rotors and drums are assessed, and turned if possible. We then fit your vehicle with new brake pads or shoes. We also bleed or flush your brake fluid lines to make sure the entire system is operating at peak performance.


Minor Repair & Maintenance

We would be happy to look at other problems your car or truck might be having, or take care of a little maintenance for you. Whether you are leaving your car with us for other services, or need a friendly mechanic that will give you an honest opinion ask what we can do for you. We welcome new and old vehicles.