Crutchfield's Extreme Exhaust & Radiator is a premier exhaust installer and radiator repair shop in Amarillo, TX. Since we opened our doors in 2012, we have been designing and fabricating custom exhausts systems for cars, trucks, and specialty equipment. We specialize in custom and classic cars, but we can also make your everyday ride stand out. We also offer extensive radiator repair services as well as provide other automotive maintenance services. Come see the professional difference.


Roger Bull

Roger has been turning wrenches since 1980. He is an accomplished mechanic that can complete any automotive repair job, but his specialty is radiators. From replacing end caps to welding patches, Roger will make sure your radiator is leak free.



Eddie Bull

Eddie is a nationally recognized exhaust fabricator. He has been cutting, bending, and welding exhaust systems since 1998. Whether you want something loud for the track or something a little quieter to keep the neighbors happy, Eddie can put together an exhaust that will meet your needs.



Randy Crutchfield

Randy is not new to the exhaust and radiator business. Before opening Crutchfield's Extreme Exhaust and Radiator, he was a partner and manager of Mr. Muffler from 1982 until 1997. He then opened Randy's Muffler in 2002 before selling it in 2008. After a short break from the automotive world he is ready to start offering the same great products and customer service he was accustomed to for so long.